You Are My Dream...

You are my dream
My lady,
Embodying everything I've ever hoped for,
Oh so prayed and longed for,
All these lonely, oh so lonely years!

I've sought painfully, far and wide;
I've ventured too, upon the other side -
Desperately hoping to find someone
As supremely precious as you!

Oh my Love!
You are my dream -
My soul's reason to live,
My heart's reason to care,
My body's longing
For the warmest of human embraces!

You are my dream
My lady,
You arrest my most restless imaginings,
You stop my heart right in its tracks,
You totally possess me my sweet!
With your soul's overwhelming grace!

As I reflect upon everywhere I've been,
I quickly forget every girl whom I've ever kissed -
Wishing, Lord truly wishing instead -
That I might have kissed only, no one other than you!


Copyright © 1999 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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