Write As You Are, Right As You Are...

So like, my friend,
you have all manner of feelings,
washing all over you, nudging you,
impressing upon you, to finally say something...

Something deep...
something about yourself,
something about your feelings,
something about your dreams.

So like,
when are you going to say what you feel,
and say what you mean;
say what you’ve always wanted to say?


Dear friend,
when nobody’s listening?,
when nobody’s close enough to hear you?


Dear friend,
when nobody’s to be found,
when nobody’s apt to judge you too?


Dear friend,
what, my kindred soul,
are you waiting for? For an inviting stranger like me?

Dear friend,
why can’t you, blessed one,
share with the world, all the glory that is thee?


Copyright © 1998 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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