Winter of Ninety-Four...

How can I ever forget
that cold winter of ninety-four,
a most precarious time when, my mind sailed
and my thunder-struck heart hailed you
as the greatest love of my life up until then.

I remember when
you fell in love with me,
and I, with you my sweet, sweet lady!

Seems like such a long time ago today;
though - I know it was but yesterday...

Yesterday, when we dared to be ourselves,
yesterday, when we became so very endeared
to one another, and wanted to be together so very much;
then, when - we never even had a chance to touch...

Alas, everything eventually fell apart,
and you and I went our separate ways,
and I was never myself again,
and may never be myself again without you.

How can I ever forget
that crazy winter of ninety-four
when you stole my heart as you did;
and then left me alone to my painful avails?

I fear that I will never forget that winter,
but most importantly -
I will never forget you my love - oh no my love!


Copyright © 1998 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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