Wheat Fields and Dreams...

I remember when,
I was but a young lad
and it seemed as though life swiftly passed me by
without so much as a look-see...

Without so much as a care.

I remember then
I ran amuck in the wheat fields
and ached and dreamt - of you...

…oh, so delightfully dreamt of you!

Whilest the world seemed to be going nowhere,
while at the same time, it was venturing into space,
while at the same time, it was trying to make peace,
while at the same time, it was trying to grow up.

I remember when,
when our fathers thought that they really knew
how best to steer the course of humanity...

For all that they were worth, for worse for wear.

I remember then,
the wheat fields, and my tendermost dreams
of you - and only of you…

…oh, such delightful dreams of you!


Copyright © 1998 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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