Time Passages...

where are you now?
Love of my life,
how fairs your precious heart - today?

Forgive me - as I have a tendency to fall back,
fall behind, fall back upon yesteryear - whence,
I fell in love with you, and you I was told, with me.

Heck, "hell" some might say,
whatever happened to us - we too - who fell in love?
Heck, "hell", I wonder,
whatever happened to you; are you okay, are you happy?

Forgive me - for I fell so very much in love with you then,
and still am to this very day - I miss you so very much,
unlike anybody else I’ve been blessed to know to this very day.

Heck, "hell" I say,
where are you now?
Heck, "hell" I ask,
please don’t shy away from me for I love you so very much - still.

Forgive me - for my failed etiquette, appearances;
for you overwhelmed me then, and still, and forever perhaps,
unlike any other soul who was able to pull my heart’s strings.

Heck, "hell" I say,
what robbery did we commit by denying each other true love?,
Heck, "hell" I ask,
please do not continue to make yourself a stranger to my heart.

Copyright © 1997 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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