Above The Roar...

Above the roar
Of my mind's endless discourse,
Just barely, can I hear
Yet, most assuredly can I feel,
The harmony of my aspiration's chorus.

Surging through my veins
A dynamism overtakes me, a current
A gentle tingle, a welcome chill
Pulsating, radiating, a thrill,
A time-transcendent moment.

Desert plains - the vision remains
With me day in and day out, I fear
It may never leave until I do
Or until I stop peering through,
Until I stop trying to see clear.

Everything has been known, it feels
Like I've been through it all before,
Sometime, somewhere, a part of me
Remembers it all, this reality,
Like a walk upon a familiar shore.

Above the roar
Of my heart's passionate yearnings,
I think I hear a distant cry
Coming from the deepest part of I,
Constantly fading, constantly returning.


Copyright © 1989 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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