The Love That Used To Be

Love holds us in place
In an eternal embrace,
We got nothing to fear
It is peaceful here.

Lovers in their own,
World that we call home,
Sweet home
We're all alone.

No other world can match
The world we both share
A place where we love and care,
This place where all is fair.

From our hideaways we see
That no man is ever free,
Let he who has the will
Appreciation and a heart
Stand tall but not to kill
And stop the pain
Not for fame
But to stop this world,
From falling apart.

But I cast my doubt
Chances are so ever thin,
With all the love about
We still won't win.

Our peaceful worlds shatter
The gov't lives for war
You won't ask what's the matter
You will be no more.

Man has failed himself
Every hideaway's no more
You can hear all crying
Like one big terrible roar.

Love is an unspoken word
Man will never climb free
But all will remember
The love that used to be.

The love that used to be,
A grim reminder to mankind,
Hopefully some day we'll find
The love that used to be.


Copyright © 1981 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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