The Big Field...

I walked alone in the big field
Mesmerized by the peace I had found,
There was nothing but this field and I,
I understood then, I was freedom bound.

I walked barefoot upon the grass
And was entranced by nature's scent,
To think that many others have also walked,
That many others have come and went.

I walked through the big field littered with leaves
Strewn about like discarded decorations
Of all so many beautiful colors,
Bringing me to a state of elation.

Then a ray of sunlight pieced a cloud
And lit up my new-found paradise,
And as I met the furry creatures dashing merrily,
I sensed that they were Him in disguise.

They froze as I whispered "hello!",
But I sensed no fear on their part,
They were simply judging me
To see if I really had a heart.

And this big field was their court
I could plead no defense,
They knew of all my actions
And my quest to find the essence.

In a roar of thunder
The clouds they rolled away,
And the truth was revealed
To me that wonderful day.

Born again in the big field,
My faith has been sealed,
Walking alone in the big field
Where secrets are revealed.


Copyright 1985 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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