In the Stillness of a Moment

Once there was a time,
when a little frightened boy’s eyes fell upon,
such a lovely grace unlike anyone he’d ever seen
nor ever, by God, ever dreamt about,
until one warm, sunny, Canadian autumn morning...

When he ventured,
scared, unsure, a newcomer to his 3rd grade class,
only to witness shining most resplendent, before his eyes,
that love of his life, a girl, oh so every radiant!,
whom without wanting, cut the lines of his heart’s moorings...

And then, from that very moment on,
his heart did set sail for afar,
just as his dreams did too, high...

And from that moment on,
his love grew to embrace the earth and the stars,
while his mind sought painfully, to understand why.

In the stillness of that moment,
when he fatefully ventured into that school room,
he knew love, instantly
like too few have ever really known.

And in the stillness of that moment,
his eyes fell upon an earthly angel
he knew, even then,
no riches could ever deserve, nor could ever own.

Once there was a time,
when a particular child dreamed,
as perhaps, we all should, to be sure.

Once there was a time,
when a little boy loved a little girl
far more than life itself, oh Lord, and so much more!


Copyright © 1998 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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