Ever so tenderly
midnight's gentle raindrops fell
upon my oh so sleepy brow,
at that very moment when
my eyes, yet, transfixed,
gazed upon a most splendid moon...

...lighting up the skies -
She did then,
just when
I was praying that God Willing - I might hold you.

Some have proferred since, that I was surely dreaming,
others, that I must have been simply lost - spellbound,
yet all that I know is that, my dear, sweet love,
I was and am, in love with you through and through.

I dream that I might kiss you.

I pray that I might truly be able to honor you.

I ask Him whether I might even deserve you.

Ever so worriedly
this man's soul's musky tears fell
upon my oh so weathered cheeks,
at that very moment when
my heart, arrested,
dreaded the sun that rose all too very soon...


Copyright © 1998 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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