Slow Dancing...

In a most unforgettable dream,
so pure, exquisite, and so very sweet;
we are finally blessed to meet.

In a most delightful vision,
so profound so as to powerfully astound,
I am so moved by your eyes, and the melodious beat...

Carrying me away, so very far away,
into your eyes, your most beautiful eyes;
deeper than the deepest sea,
as deep as where I hide my fragile self within me.

For a fleeting moment at least,
I hold you in my arms, lady,
tenderly, ever so tenderly so as not alarm you;
just enough that you may feel my truth and my love.

For a fleeting moment at least,
I hold you in my heart, woman,
preciously, ever so preciously, and respectfully;
hoping and praying that our dance is blessed by God above...

Swaying with us, He, as we gingerly move
to the rhythms of the tunes, and the Soul which fills the room;
magically, mystically, ever so divinely,
in celebration of the love and joy that should be our manifest destiny.

In a most timeless moment,
so fleeting, yet so still, and so unforgettable,
we are finally blessed to be together.

In a most sacrosanct prayer,
I plead that our dance may never be forgotten,
that it may always strengthen us, embrace us, today and forever.


Copyright © 1997 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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