God - how I've missed you so,
God, how I've missed you so very, very much...

After all these lonely years without you,
Almost twenty, painfully missing you -
Today, thank God - I have so many reasons to smile;
Having been able to tell you, finally, that I've always loved you.

God - I wish I could hold you in my arms right now,
Tenderly, brotherly, protectively, all so completely.

It's been so, so very long,
Heck, my heart's scars know it all too well;
Yet finally, thankfully, dear God,
It seems as though the longest Wait is finally, blessedly, over.

My dear - if I could dance freely in the street -
God I would;
And if I could kiss every child that I should meet -
God I would in my irrepressible want to celebrate you!

Sister-sunshine, my soul's sunshine,
God - how I pray that I may never have to
Go through that hell I've been through without you...

Never again for the rest of my life.


Copyright © 1999 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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