Sea of Choices

Sail yee, away, upon
the roaring sea of choices,
where winds of change howl
and the cruel majestic reveals its bowels
wherefrom escapes not the faintest voice.

Sail yee, away, oh captain
of your destiny, undecided,
what course to take
or what turn to make?
lest your fragile ship subsides.

Sail yee, away, from
whence you have departed,
looking for a new land, a new dream
praying for a cure for the tears that teem
from the depths of your broken heart.

Sail yee, away, now
while the opportunity presents itself, still,
chart that course, full speed ahead!
dismiss those storms of doubt in your head
and trust in your choice, trust in your Will.

Sail yee, away, fast
never looking back this time,
oh child, lovely child that you are
let your markers be your wishing stars!
and believe yes, that your journey will be fine.

Copyright © 1995 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.