Sweet Sally...

Sweet Sally,
Oh how she was
always one found wanting,
to take up, leave, and grow...

And discover firsthand,
the ways of the world,
and seek out to find,
that lover she felt destined to know...

Wherever he might be,
and wherever he might hide,
whether in some big, bold, cold city,
or along some desolate highway, always unseen, unheard...

Wherever he might be,
surely a treasure hidden,
waiting for someone just like her
to share with him these feelings and words...

...I love you!
...oh, how I love you!

Oh sweet Sally,
one day she left,
without so much as a warning,
and without leaving a forwarding address...

Many years later,
a little postcard came,
and we all rejoiced then, for Sally,
and those wings with which she was blessed...

...we love you!
...oh, how we love you sweet Sally!

Sweet Sally,
Oh how she is
a most happy lover, mother, and teacher!,
encouraging children to aspire, to grow, to dream...

To live life to the fullest,
to follow one’s dreams,
to always love oneself and others,
trusting that things are never as insurmountable as they seem...

...we love you!
...oh, how we love you sweet Sally!


Copyright © 1998 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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