I walk towards you,
listening to what you have to say,
my heartbeats - increasing in speed with every second...

And I reckon,
Lord, I feel,
something most profound stirring within me;
something deep, something real, something which feels true.

I desire you,
as I’ve never, ever, desired anyone before,
as though, God gave me life just yesterday.

And I reckon,
Lord, I hunger for
someone so real, someone so true, someone like you,
someone so graceful, so pure, who feels as I do today.

I love you,
embracing eveything which you say, every thought you cherish,
every dream you have the courage to dream - to seek, to aspire to.

And I reckon,
Lord, I am most willing to die for you,
only you - yes God bidding and God willing,
only for you, for nobody else but you my love!

many may question, challenge, and want to judge
the length and breadth of my love and my want to hold you;
yet - only God knows true love from mere spite or lust.

And I reckon,
Lord, I wholeheartedly believe,
that my love for you is most noble and pure indeed,
and nothing, no-one, nobody - can diminish this Supreme truth.

I am one with you,
though you may not feel so, or may not be interested in feeling so;
however, whether you love me or not - my love for you remains eternal.


Copyright © 1997 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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