You Called Out My Name....

During the silence which overwhelmed me tonight,
just for a moment there - I thought I distinctly heard
a most tender-sweet, almost magical, loving whisper…
and oh, ever just barely, feebly -
yet I swear to God that I heard
you call out my name...

Looking at all manner - around and about,
outside my window and inside my heart -
I peered oh so closely, desperately…
hoping to hear the swan song of your affections
for me, and only for me...

In the depths of my soul, aspiring and aching being,
for an infinitude there - I imagined my arms tenderly
around you, around your heart, and around your soul;
and my telling you- that my sweet - I so love you!

In the deepest furrows of my caring soul,
I have carved out a home for you, and only for you -
that you might some day join me there -
that we may some day be one - you and I just we two.


Copyright © 1998 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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