Your Looking Glass

Peering tonight, painfully, remorsefully,
into the very depths of your memory,
of your feelings,
of your aches and pains,
of your troubled conscience.

Peering tonight, shedding tears too easily,
tears running through the very veins
of your heart,
of your individuality,
of your very mind.

Peering tonight, pensively, desperately,
into the very depths of your soul,
of your visions,
of your goals,
of your aspirations...

For a clearer recognition,
realization and acceptance of yourself,
For a greater devotion,
commitment to and love for yourself.

Peering tonight, silently, intensely,
into the very depths of your heart,
of your mind,
of your beliefs,
of your looking glass.

Look hard, look closely, look here,
see the marvel that is your life, friend of mine,
Look now, look inside yourself,
see that part of you which lives throughout all times.

Look harder, look deeper now,
see all the light that pours forth from your being,
Look now, look from within yourself,
see the Grace of God in all that you are witnessing.

Copyright © 1997 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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