Kiss Me In The Garden

As butterflies joyfully alight upon that very rose
which I have been oh so longing to offer to you...
my yearning heart and mind drifts, slips, and wanders afar -
longing that you might kiss me, here in this garden...

In this precious garden
where time always stands still for me
whilest our crazy world, well - just crazily moves on...

In this blessed garden
where my favorite rose's scent so intoxicates me,
and urges me to beg you to make me your only one...

Kiss me in the garden
my love, if you will, if you really want too,
for I'll be there, waiting, hours, days, forever if I have to -
until your lips may grace mine and my hands may hold thine!

Please kiss me my love!

Please kiss me and tell me that you miss me!

Please kiss me and swear that you'll never leave me!

Please kiss me and promise me that you'll always love me!

Please kiss me and accept this precious rose
which I have cultivated in the very depths of my heart just for you...

For you
and only for you!


Copyright © 1998 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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