It Will Be a Most Beautiful Summer

It will be a most beautiful summer
if you will take the time to be with me,
the time to hear me, see me, feel me,
there will be most wonderful times to treasure.

It will be a most glorious reawakening
of the power of love that lies within us,
there, deep, so deep, for the life of us,
transforming us to the core of our very being.

It will be a most refreshing journey
for the two of us, we need it, we do,
an opportunity to be born anew, to do,
to love, to fill our hearts for so long empty.

It will be a most magical tapestry
that we shall weave together, for we two
who so long inwardly, for such ways to
live a life where love flows plenty.

Copyright © 1996 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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