Love You Inside and Out

Ever since I first laid my eyes upon you,
my heart's been quivering, and oh so terribly aching,
heck - I've been going all manner of crazy over you
my love - crazier than I've ever, ever been before!

I can no longer recall all those lonely nights when
I've dreamt of you walking with me, and talking to me -
heck - I can no longer reccount just how many times
I so desperately wanted to hold you ever close to me!

Meanwhile….reason says - relax,
and reason says too - Hans take it easy…;
whilest my heart keeps telling me - powerfully -
that I love you totally - utterly - inside and out!

Ever since I first heard your precious voice
I've been unable to hear my own heart-speak,
Geez - what might ever become of me
should your love never, ever grace my life?

I can no longer recant all those lonely days when
I've sat upon the shore, casting stones aimlessly,
ever so very blue - fearing that I may, just never,
be able to get close to you my sweet!

I am sure that I am not the first one,
and likely not the last one my love -
yet, when I say here tonight that I do love you -
I so desperately want you to know that I really do!


Copyright © 1998 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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