I Love You So

Old friend, it's been so long now, months quickly turning into years,
old friend, I've been so sad since, laughter quietly turning into tears,
hoping, praying, pleading ... that you may perchance call me...
Sometime, from somewhere, for some little, or for any other reason at all.

Old friend, it's been so hard since you thought ill of me,
old friend, it's been so incomplete since - my life, my reality,
trying to comprehend how and why I was able to fail you so,
and why you banished me forever behind an insurmountable wall.

Woman - I loved you, I truly did, still do, God only knows how much I do,
God only knows how much I want to spend the rest of my life with you,
if only, you could forgive, if you would allow my love to live...
free to express itself - to you, for you, only for you, like no other has done before.

Woman - I love you, today, God is the sole witness to my dreams, my longings,
to hold you ever so close to me, to share with you everything I long for, struggle for,
if only life could be so good to me, to include you, to allow me to embrace you,
and to show you that higher love truly exists, and to shower you with love ever more.

Old friend, it's been so very obvious ever since, that I do love you,
so much...so much...Lord only knows how much...so very much,
meanwhile, you are nowhere to be found, despite my searches, my aches,
my cries in the night, for you, only for you, a special friend who became the focus of my love.

Old friend, sometimes I do not know whether I should even consider another,
or even care for another, or even hold another, or even kiss another, or ever love another,
for my days continue to be filled by thoughts of you - my dear friend - God I do miss you,
and God do I love you!, wherever you may be now - yes, my love for you is so very true.

Woman I love you, God hear me, God help me, God spare me!
Woman I love you, God grant me, God heal me, God favour me!,
by enabling you perchance to perceive that truth which cries out from my soul,
for you, only for you, only and forever more for you, only for you.

Copyright © 1996 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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