If Only I Could...

Oh if only I could touch you,
If only for a fleeting moment,
It would surely seem like eternity to me!

If only I could hold you,
If only for a minute, or two, or three,
It would surely mean the very world to me!

Oh if only I could love you,
If only for a day or two,
My soul would surely, finally be set free.

If only I could,
If only you might welcome me, let me,
Be everything I so long to be...for you.

Oh if only I could reach out
And touch you, and hold you, and
Give my love to you through and through!

That day,
Would be like no other.

That day,
Would be just the beginning for me,
As it might be, blessed, for you too!


Copyright © 1999 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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