If Only You Knew...

Sweet sister,
If only you knew
Just how much I've always loved you!

Blessed brother,
If only you might have known just how much I've always loved you too!

Perhaps, just perhaps,
Our world, our lives,
Might have been a little more filled with loving...

Perhaps, just perhaps,
Our past beliefs, and those still some present too,
Might be so much more forgiving...

Oh dear God I pray,
And by dear God I plead for you to...

Hear me, and trust me, and for a moment bear with me -
That you might at this time, try to understand that without you
I've always felt so very much alone and incomplete without you...

It's true.

I've stood alone,
Upon many a high mountain,
Wishing that you might too, stand with me there.

I've brought beautiful children into this world
All the while wishing that they might
Be so blessed as to know you - and your most lovely hearts.

Sacred hearts - supremely lovely and true...

They are,
Always were,
Always will be.

Tears almost always spring
Whenever I think of you two,
And when I allow myself to admit
Just how important you both still are to me.


Copyright © 1999 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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