If Only I Could...

If only I could spend but a moment
With you - oh my dear - ever so close to you,
God only knows
That I would!

If only I could hold you in my arms -
Trust me -
I would.

If only I could run my fingers upon your lips
And my lips upon your brow -
I would.

If only I could tell you just how much I love you -
Rest assured -
I would.

Yet, dear Lord, yet,
I cannot, it seems, 'tis but the way it is for we two.

Oh Lord,
If only I could,
Dear God,
I surely would...

Hold you so very deep in my arms
And cuddle you, and gently carry you,
Into the warm, unseen hearth of my heart...,
Into the most sacred chambers of my soul!

If only I could,
My love -
I would!
God I definitely would!


Copyright © 1998 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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