Hinterlands of My Being

Upon the hinterlands of my being,
there my weary soul doth lies,
prone, vulnerable, anxiously awaiting,
the passage of time, the passage of change,
to evoke within me, new visions, new aspirations.

Upon the hinterlands of my mind,
there my anguished mind doth seeks
answers to such pressing questions,
that beckon urgent answers, urgent solutions,
to reveal to me, the Better Way.

Upon the hinterlands of my heart,
there my tears flow, abundantly,
from the very depths of my being,
all so very shockingly, witnessing,
the ravages that devour our pristine nations.

Upon the hinterlands of my soul,
there my call may be heard, screaming out
to a God who might hear me, perhaps,
crying for peace, love and light, tonight,
to bless the new dawn, the New Day.

Copyright © 1996 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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