Graduation Day

At this fleeting junction in my life
I stand before yee all, oh so bewildered,
so very exuberant, marvelling at the roads
much travelled in our quests to ready ourselves
for our live's awaiting endeavors.

The road has been hard, nay, sometimes arduous,
yet at times quite graceful, at times not, yet,
all the same, so very wondrous, a challenge
beckoning to be undertaken so as to honour self.

Forlorn shall our past struggles appear some day,
whence we shall have moved on, inspired by those
countless efforts and plans we made not so long ago
when we aspired for reality to bow to our very dreams...

We clamoured to be understood,
We pledged to do the best we could,
we endeavoured to make a good life for ourselves.

Then, when we burned the proverbial midnight oil,
toiling to prove our might, our worth, our best,
in the face of a world found waiting, beckoning
us to overcome its ever-increasing challenges.

Then, when we may have doubted our capacities
to come through, to rise above, to succeed
in a world increasingly complex, demanding,
yet oh so hungry for our inspired contributions.

I say, dear friends and acquaintances, colleagues
and teachers - the future begins today, trust me,
prepare yourselves, ready yourselves, for those
graduating today shall not act nor remain unseen!

From our toils we shall bring forth much good,
and from our aspirations we shall make manifest
such grace, such deeds, and such contributions that
no other before us shall have ever done - I pray.

And through such toil, friends, let us never forget,
that many here tonight, our teachers and folk, have
fortunately and gratefully been our boon - our aids
in helping us become so much more than we once were.

Copyright © 1996 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

(Best wishes to all graduates, wherever you may be. Well done!)

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