Give Yourself The Right To Be Yourself

You have your very own ideals,
firm, strong, rational and beautiful,
that impress upon you daily to trudge forward,
to walk that extra mile in your very own shoes
despite what others may think of you, want
from you, pressure you to give them,
pressure you to give in to them - as they all too
frequently do - regardless of what you may think;
so is this world, an often cold world, an often
cold place - where only true hearts warm the hearth.

What are you waiting for,
a divine command for you to be just you?,
for a God-speak to impress upon you to stand upon your
very own, though tenuous ground; always moving beneath
you, always ready to swallow you, to usurp you, rob you,
wrongly and selfishly claim you, restrain you and smitten
you - to deny you dear child - what are you waiting for?
Dear God, what are you waiting for friend - for happenstance
to dictate your tender life, to cheat you, to beat you, to set
you aside as so many, too many, folks have in the course of
human history - been too, been cast so pitifully aside?

What are you, after all, wanting to be, to become,
if not that oh so illustrious spirit that yearns to break
through the many molds and folds of those pains and
scars that riddle your young, troubled heart?,
What are you, after all, praying to be, if not that champion,
that guardian of your soul, of your might, of your heart?,
Oh...dear God, Oh...dear child, Oh...dear love!

What are you pledging your life for,
if not for such noble causes and possibilities
that may see your life truly just, full, accomplished,
embellished, joyous and amorous, complete;
What are you truly desiring thus, dear brothers, sisters?,
if not for such opportunities, such divine rights for you
to be as you are, to see as you see, to feel as you feel, to
love as you love, to breath the very precious breath of life,
unchallenged, unrestrained, freed from others' selfish tentacles.

The right, nay, that opportunity to be your true self, to remain so,
can only, positively, begin with yourself, and certainly no other;
so child, so friend, so sister, so brother - do choose now, do choose
wisely, do choose carefully - whether to give your Will that chance
that surely it deserves in order to best represent you - to champion
you - to favour you - to impress your most precious and unimpeachable
truth upon the very fabric of our conscience; or if not, sleep child, sleep.

Copyright © 1997 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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