Give Yourself Love

You have such longings,
warm, sensual, delicious feelings
that overcome you when you're least
prepared to respond, reply, reach out;
yet, when you're alone, dreaming
of the better ways that your life could be,
such feelings do you warmly welcome then.

What are you found wanting then,
events to unfold oh so miraculously, providing you
with such a lover that you simply cannot refuse?
What are you holding back from thus,
one who might be more willing to share with you all the joys
of life that you've always longed for, nay, ached for?

What are you aspiring for then,
that your allegiances to one may warrant that he
or she try to change themselves just so as to please you?
What are you expecting from him or her then,
that they may someday think as you do, which they may not,
which they may not be able to do, oh so satisfactorily?

What are you clinging to then,
high expectations, lofty, unrealistic and wasteful dreams
that return your tokens of love with endless chagrin?
Why are you holding yourself back then,
only to please or appease someone, one's name and fame,
so much more for themselves than for your most sacred self?

Copyright © 1996 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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