As swiftly and as powerfully as a hurricane’s sigh,
and too, as colorfully as the greatest of rainbows;
she scurries about, across my humble pastures...

Like an angel,
like a Goddess,
moving the very earth that stands beneath her!

Like a free soul,
animating my vision-speaks,
carrying me away, oh so excitedly, with her!

So very inspiring, as the very dawn of love,
so very moving; so she touches me;
this most delightful creature, my precious treasure...

Like the brightest ray of golden sunlight,
she shines - this beautiful, most tender being,
this creature, this most innocent one.

Like a most blessed gift
God must have chosen to afford me,
that I may be moved too, to rejoice, love, and run...

Just as she...
across life’s many pastures, ever free as the wind,
without a care in the world when I should stop and rest,
for my own goodness, and for the very spirit
that so blessedly possesses me!


Copyright © 1998 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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