Mother Nature's Icy Fingers...

Just as easily as She may embrace us,
gingerly touch us, and ever so delightfully at that;
sometimes, She just does not...

Just as easily as She may bless us,
with such graces which fan our dreams and fantasies;
She frightens us with what She dares to wrought...

'Tis the kiss of Mother Nature,
'tis the power of She who inescapably rules;
'tis the reminder that we are oh so very weak...

Before Her, creator and slayer - Mother Nature.

'Tis the nature of Our Mother,
'tis the supremacy of She whom we often foolishly dismiss;
'tis another testament that before God, we remain forever meek...

Just as easily as She may grant us life,
joys and luxuries, and golden fields of wheat to dance in;
She may take it all away in an instance - in a single breath...

Just as easily as She may grant us dreams,
and hopes, and Himalayan aspirations to rise above ourselves;
She may just as easily rain down upon us an icy death.


Copyright © 1998 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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