Feeling So Lost Without You

I don't know where my mind is,
Though it thinks, just as it always does;
I just don't know where my heart is,
Though I know that it painfully feels...

Oh so very lost without you.

Dear God,
I miss you terribly,
Your words, your smile, your soft touch...
And everything that I so adore about you!

I'm sitting here, again,
Slowly, going crazy...
Worrying about how you're doing -
Oh so very far away from me.

Are you feeling lost without me too?

I have a special dream,
Such a precious dream for just we two -
That when you finally come back
We'll finally make our dreams come true...

Just like they should,
Just as we deserve them to be - real,
Far more real than anything, than any feelings
We've shared with one another all these years.

I miss you terribly my love,
And waiting is the hardest thing to do...,
Yet I will remain here, patiently waiting for you
Until you return and make our dreams come true...

I will wait for you!

Like the grasses await the moon
To bless them with a fine, nourishing dew...

Like any intelligent fellow would wait
For a love as precious as the love that springs from you!


Copyright © 2000 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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