Falling Leaves...

the oh so deafening sounds of the falling leaves
and the precious, gentle whispers
of Mother Nature's sweet breeze...

I thought I might have heard -

I thought I might have heard a sweet, almost, silent voice
from where, I knew not at first,
but soon, a most delightful feeling within began to tease...


And then, I felt -

And I prayed,
and I laughed,
and I rejoiced,
and I danced a dance for just we two!

And I imagined,
and I dreamed,
and I desired
nobody, nobody but you!

the litter of freshly fallen leaves strewn
about by happenstance, or some say not,
I wish to God - that we could dance tonight!

this sacred space that Mother Nature has created
whether intentionally or not, matters nay;
I wish to God - that we may be together some day if we might.


Copyright © 1998 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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