Edja's Fire

Mightily, her flame rises,
warming our souls gathered closely,
soothing our consciences searching
for a means to express the essence
of that which lies within our very core.

Brightly, she illumines
the lofty visions before our minds' eye,
our eyes like microscopes searching,
or like lighthouses on a treacherous coast,
looking for sailors awash upon its shore.

Powerfully, she ignites
the aspirations we all hold so dear,
so deep, often hidden, struggling so,
for but a brief moment to manifest
all the love that we reservedly express.

Magically, she exiles
our pains to a distant night, not today,
for this special night, we rejoice, we laugh,
we sing, we damn those burdens
that weigh heavily upon our hearts.

Spiritually, she invites
the best of ourselves, we brothers,
sitting, dreaming, contemplating,
striving to find the means required
to move us towards a brand new start.

Lovingly, she embraces us
just as a beloved mother would,
dissolving our many aches and pains,
Oh, the warmth of a mother, held closely,
God, what more needs a mortal man?

Mystically, she reveals to us,
all that she needs to fuel her fire,
our attention, our concerns, our love,
that which makes us most special in God's eyes,
like no other within His many creations can.

Sleepily, we cast our gazes upon her,
exhausted, yet replenished, feeling connected,
with those forces that have danced around us,
that have inspired thoughts for a better way,
borne from the embers of Edja's fire.

Peaceably, we retire, we say goodnight,
to the presences we have felt, touched,
connected with, danced with, been held by,
presences that have inspired us to seek,
to conquer those peaks standing most high.

Silently, we slip away, we welcome sleep,
we melt into the warmth that She has provided,
we sleep beneath the protection of Mother Moon,
dreaming of days more wondrous than today,
graced by the blessed rays of Father Sun.

Blissfully, we acknowledge,
the majesty of the fire, dear Edja's fire,
we slip into tomorrow, eyes more open,
searching, beckoning, desperately wanting,
our loving God and ourselves to be as one.

Copyright © 1995 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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