Dream Quest...

As swiftly as the night
settles in,
blanketing the skies
with darkness,
and the world,
with breaths of silence - finally.

Just as swiftly
do I dream,
endlessly, painfully, searching for you.

the noblest of lovers, as most folks too tend to.

And during those fleeting
ethereal, ideals, yet so very real,
I ache, Lord I ache,
for you to perchance, reach out and touch me.

In my dream quests, I long for you,
I cry out for you,
ever so quietly,
not wishing to rob you of your sleep.

In my dream quests,
I yearn for you,
I abandon myself to you,
ever so voluntarily,
that you may reflect upon us, in a manner, deep.

Deep as the deepest sea,
deep, as the love that I feel for you,
profound, complete, unlike
any testament of love youíve ever heard before.

Deep as the loving feelings which consume me,
deeper, and deeper still, than I ever knew possible,
completely, totally, overwhelmingly,
so deep that your anchor tears at my drowning soulís saving shores.


Copyright © 1998 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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