Dare to Dream...

You gotta dare to dream,
to live your life in full,
you gotta soar beyond convention,
beyond those forces that pull.

The more they hold you down
harder must you fight to get free;
the thicker the veil which blinds,
stronger must be your will be to truly see.

In this mad maze where we all toil,
we unknowingly, unwillingly raise new walls,
until we feel so isolated, suffocated,
that we forget that this is not all.

Trapped in a paradox of our own making,
we become prisoners of the same,
and like all aspiring king rats behind bars,
we strive for the upper hand in every game.

The only good convict is an innocent one,
whose focus remains outside the dark cells,
waiting, searching, for that timely day,
when one can slip out of the bowels of hell.

Daring to dream, to aspire
for one’s birthright, one’s freedom,
he who does is halfway there in his dreams,
and halfway there in his actualization.

Copyright © 1990 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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