Give Yourself Credit

You have wondrous goals,
aspirations, dreams and objectives in mind,
in your heart, in your daydreams, which carry you,
which embrace you and hold you most tenderly
throughout those painful sways that mark your life;
yet you continue to fail to give yourself that credit,
that real credit which you deserve; as though you
were nothing but a passing shadow under a dark cloud
that passes before, and too, affronts the life giving sun.

What are you seeking?, searching for, looking for,
aching for, changing yourself and your life for?,
for a happen-stance, a fleeting chance to stand tall?,
What are you doing to yourself, other than letting
others think for you, plan for you, judge for you?
whilst that most sacred part of yourself stands by,
at times idle, at times frightened, at times meek -
waiting for the angst to wane, for the crisis to pass?

What are you after all, yearning to accomplish,
if not deeds of your very own making, of your very wants,
unencumbered and unrestricted by others, said peers,
said friends, said lovers, said teachers and preachers,
said wanting the very best for you and your life...,
Mother Mercy, only She really knows, only She really
keeps tabs of all those times when he or she placed
their priorities above your very own, and thus, in truth,
cast your very worth, your dreams, your heart, coldly aside.

What are you searching for, aching for, seeking - dear child?,
if not for that most blessed opportunity for you to be yourself,
unchallenged, unjudged - respected, respected, yes respected
for all that you are, for all that you think, for all that you dream,
for all that springs from the very most depths of your dear self.
Why are you allowing others to deny you your credits due?,
for them, for your mother - father - sister - brother, or your lover?,
for every time that you do, your very own spiritual victory must be
made to wait that much longer, until you become stronger, ready.

Give yourself just credit, wait not for an applause, wait not for them
to tell you how good you are, how great you are, how beautiful you are,
how sensible and how rational you are - wait not - act now, do so, do so
now - lest your endless wait may rob you of such joy, such love, such
beingness - that surely, you, as all God-borne folk - deserve!.

Copyright © 1997 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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