Blessed I Am

Forever it seems
I have been praying,
God knows my love,
I've been aching for someone like you...

To share the rest of my life with...

To joyfully, lovingly, walk with me,
To courageously explore with me
Life's miriads of blessed opportunities...

Most delightfully,
Ever so exquisitely,
And oh so divinely...

Walk with me my love,
Oh my love -
Hear me, feel me, know me -
Know that my heart is your's uncompromisingly.

I love you,
And I miss you…,
Seconds, minutes, hours -
Seem like arrested, eternal days, weeks,
Always far too long, infinitudes -
So very hard for me to bare during those moments without you...

Oh my love,
How blessed I am!,
To have finally found you, to deserve such a
Treasure which is your heart, your smile -
Your tenderness, your caring, and your grace...

Oh my love,
How blessed I am!,
To finally, God finally, to be so privileged
To find someone so utterly, majestically precious
As you are my love, my love, yes, you, my love!


Copyright © 1999 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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