In the Badlands of my Heart...

Wandering, endlessly so, meandering,
careening through the badlands of my heart,
searching, seeking, aching, hurting, crying...
just for a mere glimpse of you, precious woman.

Fidgeting, nervously, around and about,
frustrated, found wanting, found yearning,
for the likes of you, dear lady, my Miss Right.

Pondering, endlessly so, contemplating,
making up dreams only my imagination can devise,
beautiful, wondrous, so timeless and so eternal...
which beholds a vision that behooves me, this man.

Waiting, painfully, during these long years that mark my life,
alert, eagerly so, for a sign, just for a little sign from you,
of that special someone who can make my life so very right.

Copyright © 1996 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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