The Mighty St. Lawrence

I just cannot recall all those lonely nights
I spent as a teenager, hoping and praying
That you might somehow, magically
Drop by, while riding your bike;
No I cannot my dear, no I just cannot.

I just cannot remember all those prayers I prayed
Then, when, you meant the very world to me,
And everything else seemed then so unimportant
To me.

I cried myself so many rivers of tears then,
That surely,
I could have flooded any sea,
And flooded easily too, our mighty St. Lawrence.

Oh my love,
How can I ever, ever forget,
That powerful, sublime hold which you had on me?

My love for you then -
Encouraged me to courageously spread my wings,
And it helped me too -
To accept that love is, a feeling most real, most true -
And for this, I will always thank the Heavens for you!


Copyright © 1999 Hans Raffelt, All Rights Reserved.

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